It’s the bag carrying the reinforcements every parent needs. The safety net you don’t feel quite right without… it’s the all important diaper bag!

So, once you’ve chosen the diaper bag that’s right for you, with all the suitable pockets and insulation and bells and whistles, then comes time to pack it full of whatever you need.

But what do you need in a diaper bag? We’ve consulted 7 real mums who’ve been there - some more than once - and they’ve come back with a definitive list of all the things you simply MUST have each time you dare leave the house!

Here's a handy list of what to bring when you are out and about with your baby:

1. Diaper Cream

This one is a must have! Diaper changes on the go can be particularly periling. What you don’t want is for your baby to sit in their diaper while you’re trying to get something done and all the while they’re howling because diaper rash has reared its head!

2. Moisturizer

Do you carry a pack of wipes on the go to wipe spills and messy mouths? Me too! They’re great, but depending on which you use, they can be pretty brutal on your baby’s skin. A good moisturizer is so important to have on hand when you’re out and about so that you can replenish moisture stripped away by wipes.

3. Wipes

Cleaning messy faces, messy fingers, bag spills, and soiled bums! Wipes are an absolute non negotiable when it comes to packing a diaper bag. It’s always best to have gentle, durable wipes on hand for diaper change time, and if you’re going to be wiping up a lot of spills, a good trick is to keep a pack of cheaper wipes on hand, so you don’t waste the really gentle ones on cleaning tables and high chairs!

4. Diapers

A given - because it’s in the name - but nappies are an essential part of any well-packed diaper bag. If you’re unsure how many to pack, trust me - it’s better to be over than under! Also, don’t forget diaper bags! If you get a poo explosion while you’re out and about you know not always have immediate access to a bin! Take it from someone who’s been there.

5. Sanitizer

In the world we’re currently living in, hand sanitizer is an all important inclusion in any diaper bag. It’s an extra safety step that means you can ensure a little extra protection, especially if your child has a penchant for sifting through dog poo, or picking anything up off the ground at any given time. It can also pay to have a sanitizer on hand for your dummies or a wand sanitizer for larger items.

6. Sunscreen

Living in Australia, sunscreen is a must for both you and your baby, and re-applying is just as essential. Keep it handy in your diaper bag, and make sure you choose one that’s not sticky, too thick and is very easy to apply - so that you’re more likely to do it!

7. A Hat

In addition to sunscreen, a great protective hat is essential for every day outings for both you and your little ones. For young kids, you want a wide-brim that wraps around the whole head, as well as a chin strap you can adjust to ensure the hat isn’t pulled off. Being soft and machine washable is a major plus, too!

8. Spare Clothes

Anyone with kids know how crucial a change of clothes is, because it’s like Murphy’s Law. The moment you leave the house without them, is the moment you have an epic poo explosion or mess you just can’t come back from. Ever seen a kid walking around the cafe in a diaper? Yep, that’s me! A good tip is to always have one-two spare changes of tops and bottoms, differing in warmth. For undies, 4-6 is a good number to be safe.

9. A Swaddle

If you have a smaller baby, it’s always a great idea to ensure you have a spare swaddle or two in case you need to put them down either at someone else’s house or in their bassinet. Using the same swaddle for all sleep times can mean that your baby develops an association with that swaddle, and sleep time.

10. Snacks

Whether you need them for sustenance on-the-go or for bargaining purposes, having a solid supply of healthy and delicious snacks can mean you see less tantrums and more good times during your time out. Snacks are often the thing that works when nothing else is working to diffuse a meltdown, so make sure you’re well stocked.

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